Thursday, September 11, 2014

ABC, 1 2 3 !

I believe that teaching and learning should be fun, stimulating and creative. Hence, a colorful and tactile alphabet! Each letter is made from cotton fabric and a sheet of felt to make the letters more durable and thick. Some letters are embellished with sequins and beads. Kids will definitely have a fun and memorable time learning the alphabet with these. 

iPad Stands

Foldable iPad stands made from cardboard and decorated with ink and collage. 

Hair Clips

These hair clips are made of cotton fabric and embellished with netting, lace, smaller flowers and beads. Each one is unique and has a metal clip attached to it. 

Board Games

A couple of modern spins on backgammon, a VERY popular game in Turkey. 

I stumbled upon a lovely backgammon set however, the inside needed a remodeling. I used decorative napkins, paper and a plastic sheet to recreate the inside. The triangles both have floral designs on them but they alternate in color, from a more natural tone to white. 

A travel backgammon made of felt and cotton. There are 2 pockets for the pieces and a magnetic clasp to keep it rolled up and closed. A perfect item to travel with! 

In Istanbul, Turkey, the closest thing I could find to Scrabble in English was an imitation. It does its job however, the letter tiles are of poor quality. The letters are pixilated and smudged so, I redid them. I wrote out my own letters then cut, pasted and shellacked them onto the existing tiles. The before and after are below. 



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good-bye plastic grocery bags! :)

Made out of 100% cotton and fully lined, these fabric grocery bags will have me going to the grocery store in style! But the main reason I whipped them up is because I am sick and tired of how many plastic grocery bags I have piling up.

These bags are basically the same shape as a plastic bag, with gussets on the side to make the bags more 3 dimensional versus the typical flat tote bag.

Friday, June 22, 2012


A few crafty items, handmade with love and care:

Collages encapsulating snip-its of my experiences around España, Germany, London...

An outdoor market filled with fruits, vegetables, treats, and hot food in Barcelona, Spain. 

 Berlin, Germany. Seeing history that I had only read of in books. 

Having my passport stamped by the checkpoint near the Berlin Wall.

One of my favorite places in Barcelona :)

A tasty restaurant with unbelievable milkshakes! Barcelona, España.

An unbelievable collection of books in the British Library, London! Literature, art, music, science...

Mark your pages with these clever yet silly bookmarks! They make reading a bit more fun and they're a nice change from ordinary bookmarks. They fold over your page and have magnets to hold them to each page.
Here's Poopin' Pooch, a smart and silly way to store your plastic bags. Feed Pooch your plastic bags through the top and he will "poop" them out later! He adds a certain whimsy to your kitchen. His body is made from organic cotton and he measures approximately 5" x 17". 

 Make and embellish your very own plushie any way you like. This little DIY kit includes everything you need to make the plushie on the right (not included in the kit). There's thread, a needle, stuffing, fabric, buttons, and even an instruction booklet. (Scissors are not included in the kit).