Saturday, April 9, 2016

Good Dog Taiwan

Good Dog Taiwan  

The stray dogs in Taipei, Taiwan are my inspiration for these adorable stuffed animals.

I see stray dogs throughout the city and many of them are black and brown. Though they may look similar their personalities are different. Some are friendly and outgoing whilst others are shy.

All of the Good Dog Taiwan stuffed animals are black and brown. The different colored ears, tails, bellies, or paws represent the range of personalities that can be found in the stray dogs of Taipei.
所有的"Good Dog" 狗狗娃娃都是黑色或是棕色的,但每個狗狗的耳朵顏色,尾巴,爪子都不一樣,代表著每個狗狗都有著不同的個性兒,希望他們都可以在台北找到一個屬於他們的家。

These toys are a decorative item for people, not a toy for dogs. 這些狗狗娃娃是用來裝飾,不是給狗狗玩的唷。

Contact me if you would like a Good Dog toy. 如果喜歡我的狗狗娃娃歡迎跟我聯絡

Facebook: GoodDogTaiwan

Each costs 550NT.
Approximately (H)20cm x (L)22cm

Look at those ears! Green and blue! Their ears are always twitching around to every little sound.

The black dog has zebra print ears and tail because of its outgoing and friendly personality. The shy brown dog has a pink tail and ears. 

A couple of dogs out on the town! They stand out with their bright, poofy tails that say "we are energetic and super playful"! They also have pink and blue fabric mixed in with the brown. 

These cuties ar a simple black and brown. However they have light-footed and nimble little paws.

3 dogs that aren't just any ordinary dogs. 

The first has a pink tail, head and ears. The second has a blue tail, belly and ears. 

The third has a pink and brown face and ears, along with a pink tail.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good Dog

Good Dog  Original

Good Dog is a custom-made stuffed animal of your pet! 還有我也可以客製化幫你的狗狗做一個娃娃唷。They resemble the pets' personality and physical characteristics. Contact me if you would like a Good Dog toy. 如果喜歡我的狗狗娃娃歡迎跟我聯絡 or visit me on Facebook. 
Each custom made dog which resemble your pet is 700NT. 

These toys are a decorative item for people, not a toy for dogs. 這些狗狗娃娃是用來裝飾,不是給狗狗玩的唷。

Mow Pow, Sally, and Small Black

A triple set of Good Dogs! Mow Pow is a young and playful toy poodle. Sally is a patient and loving golden retriever. And Small Black is a shy and cautious dog. What a lot of work they are! But what love they give in return. 

Approximately (H)20cm x  (L)22cm


This is Padfoot, an energetic, lovable dog with a white chest and paws. He LOVEs snacks and gallops like a gazelle! 

Approximately (H)20cm x  (L)22cm


This is a Good Dog of my dog, Jazmin. She is very calm, sweet and loving. Her days revolve around her walks outside, hugs, and food, food FOOD! 

She also has spots on her back and freckles on her ear.

Daisy May

Below is a Good Dog of Daisy May, a very energetic, sweet and smart dog. She has a very outgoing personality therefore, I made her hot pink with a pink tuft of fur on top of her head and at the end of her tail.